Product Updates

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Natioanl Gypsum 1/13/19 Increase

Effective with shipments on and after Monday, January 13, 2020, National Gypsum Company and its subsidiary entities will increase prices on the listed products as follows:

5% - Interior Finishing Products (Entire product line)

10% - PermaBase® Cement Board Products (Entire product line, including PermaBase® Tape and Screws)

see related file for details.

AMICO Pricing Increase 1/6/2020

Due to the escalating cost of raw material commodities, AMICO will increase our pricing on all Metal Building Products UP TO 10%. This will be effective in all regions for orders received on or after January 6, 2020.

See related file for more details.

Rockwool Price increase 1/22/2020

Please be advised that effective Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020, ROCKWOOL will be increasing prices to all US customers in all channels on the following products:



COMFORTBOARD® 80 and 110 +6%

CURTAINROCK® 40 and 80 +6%

ROCKBOARD® 40, 60, and 80 +6%


See related file for more details

Johns Manville Price Increase 1/20/2020

Johns Manville is announcing a price increase effective January 20, 2020. This price increase applies to the following products: 

8%  - All Residential and Commercial Batt & Roll Products

10% - R13, R15 and R21

8%  - Basement Wall 

8%  - All Loose Fill Blowing Wool Products

8%  - All Manufactured Housing Products

8%  - All Metal Building Products

6%  - Insulshield

4% - MinWool - Sound Attenuation Fire Batts 

ClarkDietrich Price Increase 01/06/200

Due to the rising cost of raw materials, ClarkDietrich will implement a price increase of up to 10% on all products effective January 6, 2020.

See related file for more details.

MarinoWare 01/06/2020 Increase

Due to the successive increases in steel cost, Marino\WARE will raise prices 10% on all products, effective January 6, 2020.

See related file for more details.

American Gypsum 1/6/20 Increase

Effecive Januay 6, 2020, American Gypsum will implement a price increase for all AG wallboard Products.

See related file for more details. 

CertainTeed Price Increase 1/6/20

In response to your requests to provide price information as we move into 2020, this is to advise that CertainTeed Gypsum will increase price on ALL WALLBOARD PRODUCTS effective with shipments on January 6, 2020.

See related file for details 

USG Increase January 1st, 2020

Effective with shipments beggining January 1st, 2020, USG will increase prices on the following products:

 - Ceiling Panels and Grid will increase 7%

 -  Gypsum Finishing Products and Joint Compounds will increase 5%

 -  Cement Board Products will increase 8%

 -  Gypsum Wallboard and Glass Matt Products will increase 8%

 -  Fiberock Interior Panels will increase 12%

This price adjustment will apply to all the products from U.S. plants shipped by USG International.

National Gypsum 1/6/20 Price Increase

In response to requested price guidance for the year 2020, National Gypsum Company and its subsidiary entities will increase prices on our gypsum wallboard products as outlined below. Increases include our entire product line of paper-faced, glass mat, and specialty panels.

Gypsum Wallboard - 15% - January 6, 2020 -- Affecting all shipments on and after this date.

See related file for details


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