Kingspan Insulation Price Increases As Of Dec, 18 2020

Please see attached and be advised that a 5% price increase is pending from Kingpsan Insulation for all orders placed  ON OR AFTER 12/18/20 . Note: this is just for XPS foam insulation but does NOT include the Fanfold products- only Rigid board. This does not affect the Phenolic KoolTherm or vacuum-insulated Optim-R products.

Please also note that due to Federal guidelines on blowing agents and mandatory changes coming 1/1/21 all XPS manufacturers (Dow, OC, Kingspan, etc) will be posting significant increases due to the cost of the new and more expensive blowing agent. This locally affects NJ and NY so we will be passing a projected 20% increase starting 1/1/21

Read the official letter HERE

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