STI Firestop Price Increases As Of April 15, 2021

Price increases from STI:

Dear STI Distributor,

As a follow up to the previous correspondence, attached is your new pricing that will be in effect on 04/15/2021.

As you are experiencing with your other manufacturers, raw material increases are plentiful to say the least, resulting in a very short notice, but necessary price increase.  An increase of 6% across all products will be effective on April 15, 2021.  This is the result of raw material increases on chemicals, latex and steel that are unprecedented. Most raw material suppliers have notified us of Force Majeure and are passing on cost increases weekly. Therefore, any purchase orders received on or after April 15 must reflect the 6% increase.

We will continue our efforts to minimize the impact of rising costs and keep the lines of communication open to make every attempt to ease the disruption to you and your customers.


STI Sales Support Team

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