USG Price Increases As Of Jan 3, 2022

From USG:

Effective with shipments on and after Monday, January 3rd, 2022, USG will increase its prices on all wallboard, glass-mat, tile backer, interior finishing, and bead and trim products.

• All wallboard products will increase 30%, which includes all Sheetrock® brand Wallboard products.
• Glass-mat products will increase 50%, which includes all Securock® brand Glass-Mat products.
• All Durock® brand cement board and glass mat tile backer and Fiberock® brand products will increase 15%.
• All interior finishing products will increase 10%, which includes all Joint Compound, Tape, Texture, Plaster and Accessories products.
• All bead and trim products will increase 10% which includes all Paper-Faced Bead & Trim and Metal Bead products.

Your sales rep will provide you an updated price list which will be effective Monday, January 3rd. As we have done in the past, we reserve the right to increase prices during the year.

Download official letter HERE

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